When the ancient traditions and the contemporaneity meet


A new song is finished and we are really enthusiastic about it, mainly because is part of our traditional and historical inheritance.

Păpăruga represent an ancient pagan ritual from the Balkan region. Some ethnographers have said that this ritual exist before the Roman Empire. Wow, this is something to hold on to!

When this ritual was made? Well, in times of great drought, a pure girl, dressed in clothes made by leaves and flowers, sang this verses and danced through the streets of the village to bring rain to the land, so that plants and trees can grow again.  She stopped at every house, where the hosts sprinkle water on her. She was also accompanied by the people of the village, who dance and shout on the music.

Before to go further with the cool and interesting info about this song, you can listen it. Aaa, and off course, you can free download it 🙂

Now, that you have heard our interpretation 🙂 and thank you for listening it, we can go forward with the story of this mysterious ritual.

According to some researchers, Păpăruga also spelled Doda, Dudulya and Didilya is a Slavic goddess of rain, and the wife of the supreme god Perun. Who guess what?  Is the god of thunder.

Slavs believed that when Dodola milks her heavenly cows, the clouds, it rains on earth. Each spring Dodola is said to fly over woods and fields, and spread vernal greenery, decorating the trees with blossoms.

Thank you for reading until the end and we hope you will enjoy listening Păpăruga as much as we did recording it!

Do not forget, is free to download it!

Happy days and peace, everyone!