About us

Hy! We are glad that you are now here, on our blog! This is our story.


means  Nadina & Vlad, vocals along with guitar, electronics and everything nice :), a live music duo, founded in 2016.

A perfect year for a new musical project, emerged from our souls. The perfect moment to materialize everything that we have learned and saved during 15 years of music. We didn’t disavowed from nothing! And not just because of an overzealous feeling, but only as a result to simply find the perfect way to express ourselves exactly the way we feel. You will discover that here we will be talking a lot about emotions, awareness and personal experience through music and words.

We have started from folk music (because through it we discovered the ancient rhythms inherited from generation to generation), classic music (because a little bit of rigorousness is  welcomed), jazz music (because we love the jazz experience and to improvise during live shows), blues music (because, yes, we are touchy), rock music (because, you know, makes us feel free), and even pop music (because is simple and playful). This is how we ended to create a beautiful mixture of songs harvested from different global cultures which we adapted and arranged exactly the way we feel.

At the beginnings, we start this project as an acoustic one, choosing this form of expression because we were only two, in the classic way of voice, soft percussion and guitar. Often we were street performing on the intimate streets of Old City, in Bucharest.

It was a natural flow on how things worked for us. However, as you all know, the street performing shows are competitive. And we don’t refer at other street artists that we have met and which we respect for their achievements, we mean about the all other urban sounds that literally “covers you”.

So, we have decided to amplify a little bit the situation and, shortly after that, all sort of new and interesting elements have found their place among us, through which we considered that our musical experience gets the desired shades and volume.

We chose this music mixture because we believe TOUTEFOIS (=nevertheless) that the melodic harmonies, or the rhythms, represented by a singular type of music genre, or a specific region on the Globe, shouldn’t be reflecting a deadline in our message. We wish, most of all, freedom and to be capable to express ourselves as diverse and simple as possible.

Always pursue your dreams and soul.



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